Make Them Believe It

Daniella decided to go over to Max’s house to make her dad believe that she was going to tell Max that she slept with Jaden. Even though there was no way she was ever going to tell Max.

She got to his house and they spent another romantic evening on the balcony in his hot tub. After that night she had no doubt in her mind that she made the right decision choosing Max over Jaden. Max was everything she ever wanted. Daniella was so happy that she got to be intimate with Jaden one last time. It really clarified her mind and helped her to get over Jaden once and for all.


Jaden on the other hand, did not feel the same way. He was more in love with Daniella then ever. “My mom was right! She will decide to come back to me!” Jaden thought hopefully. 12-28-15_3-56-59 PM


Please Keep My Secret

After Justice caught Daniella in bed with Jaden, he let her have it. He was so furious that his daughter would cheat on her fiance. She asked him to keep it a secret from Max and Justice had a lot to think about, so he went outside to pump some iron to get some anger out.

“How could my daughter be a cheater?! I raised her better than this. I am so disappointed in her, but at the same time, I don’t think it would be my place to tell Max this information. All I can do is tell her that I think she should tell Max and hope for the best. ” So that’s what he did.

Daniella had no intentions of telling Max what happened. There was no way that she was going to risk her happiness and her engagement.

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Caught Red Handed

“Jay, I need to talk to you about something important,” Daniella said with fear in her voice.”

“Dani….I miss you so much. I’ve always known how beautiful you are. But after not seeing you for weeks and being so angry at you made me forget. Those eyes, that smile. They are the reason I wake up in the morning. I need you, Dani.” Jaden replied, changing the subject.

“Jaden, please. I can’t, I have to stay strong in my decision.” Daniella replied as she started to tear up.

“Don’t cry, my angel.” Jaden said sweetly as he wiped her tears from her cheeks. Just then, Jaden went in for a kiss. Daniella turned her face away and he kissed her on the cheek. “Please Jay, I can’t do this.” Dani said, even though she so badly wanted to kiss him back. “Please Dani, just one more time. I need to be with you just one more time, and then I’ll be able to let go.” Jaden pleaded.

Dani couldn’t resist him. She grabbed him forcefully and started to kiss him. He laid her down on the bed and they made love for hours. It was so passionate and healing.

Meanwhile, Justice was on the phone with his aunt Coral, to tell her the news about Daniella’s engagement. Aunt Coral insisted on talking to Daniella herself to congratulate her. So justice walked downstairs to Dani’s room. He knocked and no one answered but he could hear that she was in there. He opened the door and was shocked to find his daughter in bed with Jaden.

“DANIELLA MARGARET MICHAELS!” Justice screamed as he hung up the phone. Daniella and Jaden jumped out of the bed wearing nothing but bed sheets. “Jaden get the hell out of here!”Justice ordered. Jaden rushed around to grab his clothes and ran out the front door. “What is this Daniella?? Did I misunderstand you when you said you are engaged to Max???” Justice yelled with anger. “No Daddy, I am engaged to Max. I broke up with Jaden weeks ago. I invited him over to tell him about the engagement. But he is still in love with me and….and I just can’t explain it, dad. I’m so sorry. Please don’t tell anyone about this. It will never happen again. I promise it was a mistake.” Daniella sobbed.

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The Big News

Daniella went straight home to tell her family about her engagement to Max. She was so excited and she knew her family would be too. When she got home, her dad was the only one home. Her mom was at work and her sisters were all at school. “Dad!!! Guess what!!” Daniella shrieked as soon as she caught sight of her dad. “What honey??” Justice replied. “I’m engaged!! Max proposed to me, Daddy!!” Daniella yelled with excitement.

“Oh sweetheart, congratulations!! We love Max and I’m sure everyone will be thrilled to have him as part of the family.” Justice said sweetly. Justice embraced her tightly. He was so proud of his daughter. Justice spent the rest of the day calling all of his friends and relatives to tell them the news.

Daniella knew she needed to tell Jaden about her proposal to Max. Daniella and Jaden hadn’t spoken in a few weeks, ever since Daniella broke up with Jaden he hadn’t responded to any of her texts or phone calls. She decided to go over to his house. She knocked on the front door and when the door opened she couldn’t believe what she saw. Jaden was a mess. He looked like he hadn’t left his bed in weeks.

“Uh…Hi, Jaden.” Daniella muttered. “What do you want?” Jaden replied coldly. “I…..I just wanted to know how you were doing, I mean you haven’t replied to any of my texts or phone calls.” Daniella conveyed with concern. “Well, I’m sure you know why I haven’t replied to you. You broke my heart and I’m not interested in talking to you right now.” Jaden replied sternly. “I understand Jay. I really do. I’m truly sorry that I had to do this to you. I know you are upset, but I was wondering if you could come over to my house so I could talk to you? I need to tell you something important. Please, Jaden.” Daniella begged. “Yeah, I guess so. Let me take a shower and I will head over in a little while.” Jaden replied. It seemed like he had no emotion left. It was like Dani was talking to an empty soul. At least she convinced him to come over. “Thank you, okay I will see you in a little while.” Daniella replied. She walked back home and waited for about 20 minutes when there was a knock at the door.

Daniella opened the door and there was the stiff awkward Jaden. It was like she had never met him before. He was a completely different person. But after he cleaned up and looked like himself again, It was hard for Daniella. She looked into his big beautiful brown eyes and remembered why she fell in love with him. He was so handsome. She had missed him over these past couple of weeks but she hadn’t realized it until that moment. “Hey Jaden, thank you so much for coming over. Let’s go to my room and talk.” Daniella and Jaden went to her room and shut the door. They sat down on the window seat and Daniella tried to work up the courage to tell Jaden about her engagement to Max but she couldn’t bear to break his heart again. He was already so broken.

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When Three Hearts Became Two

After everyone got home from the camping trip, Max called Daniella and asked her to meet him at the park across from her house. She walked across the street and sat on a bench to wait for him. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining bright and it seemed like every flower was perfectly in bloom.

After waiting for about 15 minutes, Daniella saw Max’s car pull up. He got out of the car and they locked eyes immediately, just like they always do. Max smiled a huge smile. He was so handsome. Daniella felt like she got weak every time he smiled at her. She could just feel the love he had for her by the way he looked at her. He grabbed her by the hand…

“You know, I’ve never seen a woman so beautiful in my entire life. You are truly stunning. There is no way a woman like you could be single.” Max said playfully, recreating their conversation from the night they met.

“Well, as a matter of fact, I’m not single. I’m lucky enough to be in love with the most amazing man I have ever met.” Daniella replied lovingly

“Well,” Max said as he got down on one knee. “Daniella Margaret Michaels, the love of my life. I fell in love with you the first time our eyes met. We have the kind of love that no one else could understand unless the experienced it for themselves. You are my soul mate and I wish I could have done this a lot sooner. Would you be my wife Dani?” Max asked with tears in his eyes.

“Oh Max! Yes, of course, I will! I love you so much.” Daniella replied as she jumped into his arms.

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Max Meets The Family

Dani was in a lot of pain. Her heart was completely broken and she hated herself for breaking Jaden’s heart as well. But she knew she had made the right decision by choosing Max. He was the whole package. She knew he was going to be the perfect husband and their lives together would be everything she ever wanted.

The following week after Daniella broke things off with Jaden was the Michaels annual family camping trip. Daniella decided to invite Max and she thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce him to her family while they are all together.

The whole family loved Max. After all, he was so charming, what wasn’t there to love about him? Daniella felt a sense of peace knowing that she no longer had to lie to Max. She felt much closer to him emotionally and was finally able to give him her whole self. Being with Max and her family for the weekend really helped her through the healing process of losing Jaden and helped to reassure her that she did make the right choice.

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Jaden Can’t Take It

After about 20 minutes of pure shock and uncontrollable sobbing, Jaden managed to pick himself up off his knees and walked home. He stumbled in the front door and laid himself down on the living room couch. His mom Jade was cooking dinner and heard someone come in so she came in to see who it was. She saw her son curled up on the couch hysterically crying and she panicked.

“Jaden, honey what’s wrong??”………silence……..”Jay, sweetheart please talk to me! What’s going on?” Jade pleaded.

“Mom, Daniella….she broke up with me. She said I was holding her back from her future. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m dying. What will I do without her mom?” Jaden muttered painfully

“Oh honey. I am so sorry. I know you love her and you always have. I know she said that now, but you are both so young honey. She probably just wants to have some different experiences and get to know herself before she commits to someone. Just try to keep calm sweetie. This might not be permanent. But if it is, the pain will pass. I promise.” Jade consoled him.

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